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IMA Sane, The pioneers in mental arithmetic training is appointing Business partners or Joint Venture Partners across India to contribute to the development of children's mental faculty. IMA believes in associating with partners who have fairly good academic back ground, good in relationship marketing and good business acumen etc., to maintain our quality standards and the brand.

If you have a good head on your shoulders and drive to be your own boss, then we welcome you to explore the opportunities available that may be right for you.

If you say, "YES" to any of the following!!! Contact us today.

Have you thought of being your own BOSS?
Looking for a business with minimum investment?
Looking for a business that directly contributes to the development of children's mental faculty?
Want to expand your existing training / education business?
Want to be among the legion of IMA's specially trained teachers?
Want to be among the still growing Franchisee or joint venture partners?
Do you have passion to deal with children or children education?


Opportunities are now available for individuals or companies to actively contribute to the mental development of children. Our presence and continued expansion over the years have provided us an insight and in-depth knowledge of the market. And, we are committed to taking your aspirations, goals and talents and combining them with our proven system to make them a reality. It's a joint effort that makes all the difference in the world.

Our company's strength and solid foundation is built on the following philosophies:

Specialized in ABACUS and Mental Arithmetic Training.
Comprehensive course curriculum.
Conformity in syllabus.
Highly competent teachers.
Chain of centres.
International Affiliations.
Management and System support.
Training Methodology.
The only institution to take part in international competition.

Franchise Model:

IMA , The pioneers in mental arithmetic training is looking for Business partners with certain requirements to maintain its quality standard. The business partner / Franchisee should match with the following requirements as we are dealing with education and the child's brain development.

Fairly good academic background.
Passionate to deal with children and children education.
Business acumen.
Good in relationship marketing.


Students and their academic excellence are what IMA focus on. We have built a platform to implement excellence in training through our systems, which in turn will result in business development. We believe in supporting our franchisees in implementing systems through our Franchisee Support Team . Our team will provide assistance towards business operations, administration and logistics to enhance the growth of our franchisee network to create WIN -WIN Situation.


IMA provides technical expertise to our franchisees by providing on going quality training, course materials, Training materials, Frequent updations and evaluations etc.,

IMA has Chief instructors who are highly competent and technically qualified. They are trained from china to assist the trainers / Instructors to exploit their intelligence and abilities to achieve optimum utilization of one's potential. We strongly believe that there cannot be a compromise on training methodology. We provide centralized training to the course instructors from our franchisee network in a phased manner, which includes syllabus training, disciple, attitudes and skill.


The students at our franchisee centre will be given a certificate from IMA after the completion of every grade.


ABACUS learning has been widely accepted and it has an excellent market potential. The academic performance of the children will be improved by this methodology and they will have an edge over others in their academic career. The target segments for this concept are the parents & schools since they are open to a methodology, which plays a vital role in the child's brain development, and they are very much receptive to this method. This works as a positive sign for business partners in profit making.


IMA has made a remarkable presence in ASIA PACIFIC . We as a company believe in BRAND PROMOTIONS by regular advertisements through various avenues that suit the market segment. Our brand promotions will support the franchisees in their local promotional activities.
Note : Franchisee centers are given to individuals at every 2.5 to 3 kms radius without affecting other existing centers of IMA .


IMA has a strong pool of resourceful and intensively trained course instructors who are competent and responsible. The teachers are also taught on the psychology of children and the positive effects of encouragement and negative impact of punishment.

Our education methodology is unique, forward looking with classes conducted in a creative and lively format. We suggest to our business Partners to maintain our training strength by recruiting Young and Dynamic Instructors preferably a Lady around 25 years of age with a pleasing personality and proficiency in English, and have a flair and passion for teaching. This will help the centre to perform well, as the Training Implementation and Quality Emphasize is the "Key to our Success"


The required infrastructure is 200 sq. ft. of classroom space to accommodate 15 to 20 children maximum per batch. The classrooms can be multiplied as the strength increases.
Classroom Materials to Create Good ambience.
Classroom furniture 15-20 Table & Chairs ( kindergarten children furniture), This can be multiplied as the strength of the children increases.

Note: Details of student batches shall be briefed to the Franchisee on sign up.


IMA has adopted a unique method in our franchising system. Our franchisees will be under the probation for a period of one year. During this period we will review the performance in interest towards revenue generation for the business partners, as we are conscious of our commitments and ethical business conduct with a high degree of integrity.


The revenue sharing ratio is 75:25 ( i.e. 75% to the Franchisee and 25% to IMA along with monthly statement of accounts of the center ) on the revenue generated through tuition fees.


The return on investment can be yield between 3 to 6 months of business operation, as this business does not incur any major overhead expenses or huge investment in infrastructure.


A legal business agreement will be generated between you and the company during franchisee - sign up. And an agreement between the Course Instructor and company will also be generated to enable successful training operation.

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