Fundamental of Abacus (For Sr Kg K2 students)

We wish to take this opportunity to introduce our institute Sane Abacus Academy. Our organization has been associated with children’s education for the past 15 years and we are the leaders in Abacus based training in PCMC,PUNE and widely acknowledged as a children friendly organization.

FUNDAMENTALS OF ABACUS : is an ideal learning program for Kindergarten children to identify texts & numbers and handle simple arithmetic calculations.
• Enriches their brainpower by using it in their early years.
• Uses a specially designed abacus for easy use.
• Uses enough teaching tools and accessories to make classroom sessions most lively.
• Develops ability to handle multiple-digits with confidence using the abacus or the regular school method.
• Creates a natural liking for arithmetic in kids.
• Improves concentration skills for a more focused learning.
• creative thinking and ability to use the left and right side of brain.

• Provision for providing training to school teachers on concept, teaching methods and principles of child psychology.
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